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We hope you enjoy this selection of Musical Futures Online resources - part of a comprehensive collection of over 500 resources with 1000+ interactive videos designed to support music learning - and that you will find them useful, particularly during this time of school closures. Joining Musical Futures Online gives full access to 100's more resources!

NEW Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is an approach to vocal work in the classroom that will engage even the most reluctant singers and help to embed the use of mobile technology in your classroom

Join Caitlin as she walks you through some basic warm-ups help prepare your lips and vocal cords for the tasks ahead!


Get that carnival feeling with SimplySamba! This resource helps transform your class into a synchronised Samba-inspired drum group

This playalong resource features arguably the greatest football anthem of all time, ‘Carnaval de Paris‘ by Dario G. Start by learning individual parts, before performing as a class

NEW Paradise Project

This project presents the various ways you and your class can learn how to play George Ezra’s feel-good hit, ‘Paradise

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