Perform: Carnaval de Paris

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Perform: Carnaval de Paris will give you an opportunity to perform together as an ensemble playing either surdo, tambourim, timba, repinique, caixa, ganza and agogo bells.  Make sure you are really clear about the rhythm that your group is playing so that when everyone plays together, you can keep in time with the pulse AND maintain your part.

Reminder – this song features the following signals:

Signal 1 = Everybody stop for 4 beats

Main groove = The rhythm for your instrument (check back on the Learn: Carnaval de Paris if you’re not sure)

SimplySamba: Carnaval de Paris

SimplySamba: Carnaval de Paris
(without samba percussion)

Play along to the same video but you won’t be able to hear the samba percussion instruments on the audio track

Key Learing

Check your musical understanding:

Can you follow the signs to indicate each section accurately and in time with the rest of the ensemble?

  • Signal 1 = Everybody stop for 4 beats
  • Main groove = The rhythms on the ‘How to Play’ page
  • Can you perform Carnaval de Paris with the playalong guides?