Ukulele - Chord of C major

Sample Resources   Ukulele – Chord of C major

About this sample resource

This sample resource is part of the LearnToPlay resources for individual instruments and is ideal for beginners.  It includes full video guides to support learners and teachers starting with basic chords and rhythmic patterns working up to performing a range of chord changes and songs.

LearnToPlay is available for popular classroom instruments including ukulele, guitar, keyboard, vocals, tuned and untuned percussion

In this section, you will learn how to play the chord of C major on ukulele using:

  • Call and response
  • Rhythm and strumming patterns – up strokes, down strokes, up and down strokes

Warm Ups

  • Either clap, stamp or tap these rhythm patterns, keeping in time with the beat

LearnToPlay: C major

Strumming Practice: C major

Play on the correct beat of the bar:

  • Pattern 1 – 2 crotchet beats and 2 crotchet rests (1 2 (3) (4) = down down rest rest)
  • Pattern 2 – 4 quavers followed by 1 crotchet and 1 crotchet rest ( 1+2+3 4 = down up down up down rest)
  • Remember to mute the sound for the rest by placing your right hand on the strings

Call & Response: C major

  • Can you copy the rhythm/strumming pattern that your teacher plays using the chord of C major?
  • Working in pairs – can you copy the strumming pattern that your partner plays using the chord of C major?

Rhythm Patterns: C major

  • Can you play these rhythm patterns using the correct strumming patterns?

Rhythm Patterns: C major (with tuned percussion)

  • If you are also using tuned percussion in addition to the ukuleles you should also play in time to the pulse using the correct crotchet and quaver rhythm patterns

Key Learning and Vocabulary - Overview

Check your musical understanding of the following:

  • How to play the chord of C major
  • Call and response
  • Strumming patterns using crotchets & quavers (up strokes, down strokes, up and down strokes)
  • Tablature