Music Production: Creating The Boiling Pot

Sample Resources   Music Production: Creating The Boiling Pot

This resource is designed to develop the following skills:
  • Learn basic music production skills using BandLab
  • Effectively create an original track using audio samples from BandLab
  • Combine sets of audio samples that work well together in a ‘boiling pot’
  • Be able to arrange and structure your own composition

What Are Audio Samples?

An audio sample/waveform is a visual representation of a sound or instrument that has been recorded.

What Is Trap Music?

In this project we’re focussing on trap music. Trap derives from Hip Hop, sub-genre that was born out of southern USA in the early 90s. The music foundations are based on synthesised drum machine sounds, triplet/complex hi-hat patterns, heavy 808 kick drums and musicality that utilises a symphonic use of orchestral instruments. The Trap instrumental is often accompanied by Rap vocals and the tempo can range from 100-176 BPM, but commonly around 140 BPM.



Creating A Boiling Pot – Part 2

TASK: Create Your Own Boiling Pot

Browse the Loop Packs and select: a drum beat, bass line, and chords that work well together to create your own Boiling Pot.

Remember at this point we are working down, before we work across, try not to go beyond 8 bars.