Inside Rap: Creating An Instrumental

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About this sample resource

This sample resource is part of the MusicTechnology: Inside Rap set of resources created especially for Musical Futures by performing rap artist. This series resource provides everything needed to support learners to create an authentic piece of rap music covering three essential areas: Lyric writing, creating an instrumental and production techniques.

Audio samples and video guides for CubaseGarageBand and Ableton are also included in the full resource.

In this section taken from the Inside Rap resources you will learn about the various styles of rap music and how to create an instrumental track.


  • Understand the musical features of an instrumental track
  • Learn how to create a stylistically accurate drum beat
  • Be able to create chords, bass & lead parts
  • Be able to structure your track


The Instrumental


The instrumental track usually consists of the following 4 components:

Choosing A Style: Boom-Bap


Other artists writing in this style include: Nas, KRS-One, Common, Wu-Tang Clan and Big L

Choosing A Style: Trap


Early examples of trap music can be found with artists like Three Six Mafia and Gucci Mane

Choosing A Style: Grime


Other artists writing in this style include: Skepta, JME, Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Lethal Bizzle, Stormzy

Creating A Drum Beat

The four main sounds of a drum beat:

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