Find Your Voice: Lip Trills (Warm-Up)

Sample Resources   Find Your Voice: Lip Trills (Vocal Warm-Up)

About this sample resource

This sample resource is part of the Find Your Voice set of resources. It’s an approach to vocal work in the classroom that will engage even the most reluctant singers and help to embed the use of mobile technology in your classroom.

In this resource you will take part in a vocal warm-up.

  • Before you start signing, it’s important to warm up your voice.

  • Warming up your voice stretches your vocal cords and helps clear your throat. 

  • Warm ups are also good for developing your breath control and for creating a balanced tone.

Warm-Up: Lip Trills

Join Caitlin as she walks you through some basic techniques that help prepare your lips and vocal cords for the exercises ahead!

Key Learning

  • Each lesson should begin with relevant vocal warm-ups that adequately prepare students for vocalising and that lead directly into the main activity. However, it is important that students experience a range of different warm ups so try to avoid sticking to a few tried-and-tested favourites
  • Use warm-ups to challenge a range of issues faced by students undertaking vocal work. Pitch, ensemble, relationships and timing can all be supported through carefully chosen warm-ups that have clear links to the content of the lesson
  • Where possible relate back to these messages as the lesson progresses to reinforce the value of starting every lesson with an appropriate and engaging warm up