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About LearnToPlay

About this resource

What Is LearnToPlay?

LearnToPlay is designed to introduce the ukulele to students and to enable them to develop both foundational instrumental and musical skills whilst participating in whole class music-making.  It is the perfect partner to JustPlay – which introduces the whole class band approach with students performing on a range of instruments – as it allows for skill acquisition on a single instrument at a time before moving on to other instruments.

It is used widely in primary/elementary schools with pupils from ages 7+

Secondary/high schools have also adopted LearnToPlay to help consolidate learning for students who have joined the school from primary/elementary school

Like JustPlay, LearnToPlay is also founded on the principles of informal learning and non-formal teaching, which are the cornerstone of Musical Futures pedagogy, in particular:

  • Students learn music aurally
  • The approach has been developed using music that many students will recognise, like and engage with
  • There is the potential to integrate performing, composing, listening and improvising


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