Enhance rhythmic, listening and teamwork skills with this Carnival-infused resource

MakingMusic SimplySamba

Get that carnival feeling with SimplySamba! This resource helps to transform your class into a synchronised Samba-inspired drum group.

  • Start by understanding the South American genre with the Introduction before choosing your instruments and picking up your sticks when you can learn some basic Practice Rhythms with your classmates
  • Next, learn individual rhythms for each instrument as we teach you how to play two authentic samba pieces in Rio and Carnival
  • To finish, play along to some percussive-led classics. Choose from the 1998 World Cup anthem – Carnaval de Paris, or Tito Puente’s legendary latin number – Oye Cómo Va

Rio & Carnival

Learn your first two samba compositions! First view the ‘How to Play’ guides and to give every student the chance to learn their part, before moving onto the playalong where you can choose to play with or without video guides


Carnaval de Paris - Dario G

Arguably the greatest football World Cup anthem of all time, this Parisian & carnival-infused track will get pulses racing

Oye Cómo Va - Tito Puente

A Latin classic! Released in 1962 by Tito Puente, often credited as “El Rey”, the King of Latin music